A Marketing Director job normally exists in a company where there is scale and the size of the organisation justifies the position. The marketing team will normally be large with a structure of Marketing Managers, Executives and Assistants throughout it with various job titles that are either purely marketing or overlap into product or sales or technical. They will be in charge of strategy, budget, top line delivery, senior relationships with suppliers and liaise internally with other company directors and managers.

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Normally a Marketing Director will be approaching 10 years experience in a range of sectors and have experience of multiple types of campaigns, giving them the knowledge of how to deal with marketing strategy and changing landscapes. Heading towards the pinnacle of their career, they will be seeking great remuneration packages, constructed with salary, bonuses and potentially the opportunity for equity. Should the organisation that they are currently working for not be able to offer that, it is not uncommon for seasoned Marketing Directors to find companies and environments that will allow them to flourish and meet their personal commercial objectives.

Our Executive Search & Selection team has extensive experience successfully appointing Marketing Directors to some of the biggest brands in the UK. Get in touch with us today if you're a business looking for a seasoned Marketing Director to shape your company, or a talented marketeer looking for an opportunity in this role!

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