Digital Managers are integral to the digital function of a business. They provide advice, knowledge and insight on all digital functions in the business such as PPC, SEO and creative. They will work closely with teams to support the digital implementation digital requirements of their teams.

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They are commonly used by businesses to update and bring in a digital process where it may not have existed before or in client-side businesses who have previously outsourced digital practices and are bringing them in-house.

Digital Managers and their skillsets are very sought after and are often highlighted in the digital skills shortage. Digital Managers have usually built up their knowledge moving through the ranks in a business through skills and experience and many have solidified this by undertaking a 3rd level or postgraduate qualification. It is essential that this person has a genuine interest in digital and the most successful digital managers are well-read and up to date in a day to day advances in digital products, trends and products.

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