Those in a marketing agency job will provide a range of solutions for clients to help build their brand or assist in the acquisition of customers. These may be a combination of online and offline, but the digital element of client’s campaigns has continued to increase in importance over recent years.

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There are few agencies nowadays without a digital offering, with the most popular being search marketing, as this tends to produce the highest ROI for clients. However, a plethora of roles exists, from media to design, production to strategy and brand to customer acquisition.

Those who excel in marketing agencies begin with a passion for the marketing industries and tend to have excellent communication and organisational skills. Progressing into management requires not only leadership skills but the commercial ability to make money for the agency from the marketing activities that it provides for its clients. The structure of an agency, the training schemes that exist, the calibre of their client base and their reputation normally dictate how good an employer they will be in the digital marketing industry.

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