An Operations Executive Job will differ in each business and will generally depend on whether you’re working agency or client side. Typically, the role includes supporting an Operations Manager in the day to day running of the marketing activities.

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The Operations Executive position will be more research and insight focused, whereby you will be conducting competitor analysis, doing some campaign analysis and reporting is also highly important. You will be learning the ropes in analysing the marketing department and helping to decide whether what they’re doing is an effective way of marketing their business. In an ever-changing world, traditional marketing methods may no longer be effective, and it’s the Operations Executive role to help identify which channels may be more suitable.

To progress in this role, it’s important that you are logical, analytical and passionate about marketing. You will be very process driven in terms of your approach, and become more in-tune with the marketing departments goals and aspirations, being able to learn quickly and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

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