It's Monday lunchtime, you've made it through the morning and feel just alright. But that's only because your footy team tanked the competition at the weekend. You can visibly see those whose team lost around the office, desperately trying to keep positive. Of course, being in England on a Monday, the rain's battering against the window, it's barely light and the glow from Outlook is actually making you question whether you're staring directly at the sun. Then the worst happens, your mate Kieran gets in touch from Bali, on Facebook. He's not in an internet cafe, nope, he's walking around a beach with an iPad, filming the greatest sunset of all time and wants you to share in the experience. Then just as you lose yourself in that thought, the worst happens, your colleague goes home sick, again, and you're covering his client meeting, emails, presentation. In fact, you're covering everything that he would have been doing should he actually have taken it easy over the weekend. How will you fit all of it in on top of your work? Looks like you're getting home just as the late-night Granada News is finishing, again. Then when you get in tomorrow, your boss will inevitably grill you about why that project still isn't finished. Then you think, new job!

OK, that's a little extreme (I hope!) but you've really got to ask yourself that because you do actually spend the majority of your weekday life in the office then it must actually give you a certain level of satisfaction. You have choices, so explore them! Keep an eye out for these warning signs and important areas which may just mean that you need to look elsewhere!

You're working like mad, you're taking home less than you're spending and you're hardly even able to afford pay per view TV, never mind being able to upgrade to Sports or Movies. Get a handle on the average salaries for your role; weigh it up against where you will be on that scale in the next 6 or 12 months and aim for that, otherwise start looking!

What are the opportunities like where you are? If you are media-career-orientated, then talk openly about the potential plans in your appraisal. Where can you go and how can you get there? Get a plan together and aim for it. That way if you can't progress then you'll know at least what your next step should be to start looking elsewhere! Developing your media career will see you reach amazing heights!

You are who you are and John sitting across the way is who he is. Everyone needs to pull together to create a good working environment. Some of the most productive in marketing jobs are work hard, play hard. Others are more relaxed and individual whilst some are pure team efforts. Find out what you want and ensure you are in the right working environment. What's for sure is that not everywhere is the same as where you are right now!

Manage your boss right and you'll get the most from them. They have responsibilities to you and you should take advantage of them. There are some great managers and some awful ones (especially in the media industry as they get to where they are through media skills, not management skills.) Get what you need to achieve your goals from the workplace or start questioning why. Moving teams, or sitting it out are options, but so is looking elsewhere!

The city centre is great, but not when it's Christmas and traffic is hectic, or just as the students all come back to university and buses literally clog every road! Likewise, the countryside has its issues, hard to get to after 3 inches of snow or too easy to get stuck behind a tractor on way to an important meeting. If you're on your way to the marketing department or media agency and the trams are getting to you or the drives past manure fields are driving you mad then start thinking, where would I actually like to work?

The sector you work in can become tedious. It's your life and skills are transferable so have a look at applying your valuable energy to something new. Speak to people you know in other jobs and industries and make the move before it is too late. Life is short.

Working visa options vary by country but there are loads of opportunities for media and marketing jobs around the world. Fancy working in an advertising agency in Sydney, or crossing the Brooklyn Bridge each day? It's all possible and you can expand your media career globally!

Media Agency or Client Side
The big debate! Which side should I work for and when? Which best suits my lifestyle and which opens the greatest opportunities. There are loads of different reasons here so do your research! We talk to candidates almost daily about these choices, it's your marketing career so understand it then decide whether to move!

Ever thought of going it alone and setting up for yourself? The entrepreneurial spirit in England's NW and across the UK is rampant, especially in marketing and media in Manchester. Help create jobs and give clients the service they deserve!

Can't get out of bed in the morning? That's almost a sure sign that you need a change and soon. You're best looking elsewhere before you start underperforming and the spotlight gets put on you. Do something about it before that happens!

If you want a no-strings chat to talk about options, then come for a coffee. Believe it or not, moving isn't always right, but at least we can help set a plan and help you get the best from your role and career.

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