What is... HTML?

HTML is one of those words that pretty much everyone has noticed at some point in their search bar but what is it and what does it mean? Personally, I used to think this was just an abbreviation for the once popular Hotmail messaging platform! How very wrong I was. In reality HTML (or Hypertext Markup Language) is a standardised system that tags text files to achieve font, colour, graphic and hyperlinks on the web pages that you use on a day to day. HTML will usually be assisted by CSS and JavaScript with the three forming a perfect trio to create the front-end of a webpage. HTML was created in 1993 and was designed to be displayed in web browsers which it successfully has done ever since being the core markup language for developers to use.


At The Candidate Technology division, we have placed Front-End Developers into a multitude of companies operating in industries such as property, luxury goods, digital agencies, consumer goods and much more. The common misconception of development roles is that they are limited to predominantly tech companies however there has been a massive shift in companies bringing in their own in-house tech teams which saves time and money! Personally, I have seen this shift with more and more companies coming to us wanting to build a tech team from scratch however not really knowing where to start as it has always been done by their respective agencies. That is where we can help! We are able to advise on the best approach going forward of what your company will require in terms of employees based on the tech you are using now. We have well practised industry knowledge that time and time again has helped companies realise their true ‘tech’ potential! So if you’re looking for advice on building out your tech team feel free to give the Tech Team at The Candidate a call!


Written by Phil Morris - Technology Recruitment Consultant


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