When you’ve had a significant amount of exposure to the plethora of digital channels and witnessed how they’ve worked for marketing campaigns, the strategy job route can become a great career option, especially as people tend to move on from hands-on roles.

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Creating strategy or advising on it for companies and clients in digital can be extremely rewarding as by understanding its impact and success its more possible than ever with the range of tracking software’s available.  

Strategy comes alongside big budgets due to the multi-channel approaches and these are not uncommon advertising agency side with clients spending large amounts of money on pushing their brand and products. There is a need for these roles within the company’s marketing departments, because there is a mix of channels or because decisions need to be made around the use of different 3rd party agencies. This is usually a senior skillset that accompanies roles such as Directors and ‘Head ofs’ but implementation and the creation of some digital strategy takes place at junior level too, paving the way for potential careers at this level.

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