A paid media job helps provide a tangible method of advertising, which hinges on driving targeted customers underpinned by keyword searches. Having an analytical mind is essential so that you can understand the metrics from cost per click through to cost per acquisition and also successful campaigns.

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They will work on platforms such as Google, Instagram and Facebook. Tracking software will allow for the full understanding of the performance and then be able to identify the ROI of the channel versus other.

In order to enhance a paid media career, generally, a larger and more complex company to work for with larger budgets will help fulfil this. Changing sectors will also help develop a career, taking experience from one background through to another can enhance a campaign. Working on larger campaigns will also give access to larger and more insightful optimisation techniques to learn more and become more experienced in your field. Deciding between a B2C and B2B role will also impact a paid media person’s career as will the potential for a change in geographical focus.

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