A business analyst is someone who sits within the first stage of the software development lifecycle and basically analyses current processes (also known as ‘as is’ processes) and interrogates the facts to find if there a ways to streamline processes more efficiently, and in turn making the lives of product and development teams easier as they know exactly how to approach a subject matter. For example, an eCommerce company wants to create a new platform as they’re running off a legacy system that’s old and not very responsive. A business analyst would arrange meetings with the current developers to find out what the issues are with the legacy site, therefore finding the pain point to avoid in the new platform that will be built. The overall aim of a business analysts job role is to eliminate waste and mitigate potential future problems, therefore making processes more streamlined and effective in organisations. Business analysts will often hold accolades such as Lean Six Sigma certificates and Yellow/Green/Black belts where they have undergone training courses and put a practical project together to demonstrate their understanding of the fundamental business analysis theories.

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