Welcome to The Candidate's website. We focus on roles such as Media Planner & Buyer which is ultimately a specialist role within the online sector.

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You should use a recruitment agency who knows this area well in order to find the right role. Having worked with the majority of leading advertising agencies in the area, we know the profile of the person who each of our clients and employers is seeking and by speaking to you we'll know if we can put you forward for that role.

The role of Planner and Buyer may be combined due to the size of the agency but in some cases, they are separate roles. Ultimately, whatever the case they skilfully apply client's budget across a range of available media formats to push for the best response in differing campaigns. Planning a schedule across the range of channels requires a mathematical and analytical skill and often develops good planner and buyers into spreadsheet wizards! To successfully plan a schedule you will either test the response through an initial test budget or look at historic results to determine the level of spend moving forward.

The different types of media that exist range from online activities including internet and mobile through to TV, Press and Outdoor etc. Different Media Planner and Buyers will specialise in different channels and usually online is split from the offline planning and buying world.

The salaries range significantly from around £17k for entry-level candidates through to £45k/£50k for senior planner and buyers. This can increase to up to £80k for top planners and buyers. The way to develop your career within this industry is to keep abreast of the latest opportunities and trial new channels to push client's products. Instigating relationships and using these to leverage the best deals through good negotiation is also vital. The bigger the budget and brand you work with, the higher up the career ladder you'll climb.

Media Planner and Buyers have tended to specialise in certain areas over time should the organisation demand it. For example, search activity has begun to dominate online schedules and some agency employees within this area have begun to specialise within it. However career prospects are promising as the skills shortage in the area within digital has highlighted and with the advent of more digital channels to trial, the role is expanding and creating significant career opportunities.

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