How to Survive (and Thrive) on the First Day at Your New Job!

Congratulations you’ve secured your dream job and your start date is looming, don’t worry we’ve all been there when the nerves kick in before you begin! Our Senior Agency Recruitment Consultant, Evie Barker, has shared some top advice on how to survive and thrive on your first day!


Check In!

Your recruiter is going to check in on you, so when you get chance speak to your recruiter, or drop them a text, just to let them know you’ve started and settled in! As we’ve been on the journey with you, we love to know how it’s going on your first day too!


Learn, Learn, Learn!

Actively ask questions, as a new hire you’ll have a lot to learn - today is your free pass to ask as many questions as possible! Take on the information and ensure you’re making a note of it to avoid making mistakes in the future.


Understand Expectations

Understand the working culture and try to find out what will be expected of you over the next few days and weeks. Be proactive as you may be thrown in the deep end and available to your manager, make them aware once you’ve completed a task and ask if there is anything else to do. However, do be prepared to wait around - understand that the person training you may still have to complete their own workload that day so patience is key!


You aren’t going to know everything straight away and won’t be expected to - remember you were hired for a reason! Go with the flow, be yourself, and enjoy it!

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