Tips for Interview Presentations

Been given a task to complete for your next interview stage? Want to stand out from the crowd? Check out these interview presentations tips and you could be top of the scoreboard in your next job search!



Answer the Question

Ensure you have answered the question. All the bells and whistles are redundant if you don’t answer the question and completely miss the point. A technique we recommend would be to break down the question and use that as a structure for your presentation. This way you clearly address all elements of the question and it should be easy to follow and score for the interviewer. Clearly headed sections work wonders as they offer guidance and structure for you and the people or panel you are presenting to.

Tidy and Trim

Once you have prepared your presentation do not be afraid to trim it. Remove the waffle and condense points to make it concise. Interviews are time consuming for the employers and they will likely be doing multiple in a row or in a day. It is important to keep their attention so do not be remembered for the person who made the interviewers mind wander and think more about what they want for lunch than what you are presenting!

Less is more…

Include punchy headlines, key points you want to cover and if you have done research add the supporting notes rather than paragraphs of information which you will simply end up reading. Infographics and other forms of layouts like flow charts are a great way of getting information across too. Mix it up!


Your presentation is an opportunity for you to showcase your knowledge, personality, and suitability for the business. Once you have answered the question, appropriate interesting added snippets are great! These can help demonstrate you have gone the extra mil i.e. relevant examples of work, case studies and even examples of ‘mock’ work that you would do if given the role. This may be the difference between you and someone else, keep it to sharp and punchy and easy to follow.

Adding in that little bit extra shows a desire and proactive approach, it is an opportunity to show off your listening skills and ability to translate this into relevant pieces of work.

But remember you must get the core question and task right firstly or else you could be perceived as missing the point.

Be on brand

Using the advanced features on Google image search you can filter search results to source images with transparent backgrounds, in medium and large resolutions (no one likes a pixelated image). This way you will be able to find great brand imagery and company logos that can drop on to any background. Unsplash is also good for finding royalty free images!

I use ColorZilla to get the colour schemes spot on for my presentations and it is a very easy way to colour match your presentation. 

Use POWERPOINT! or if you are more skilled use Canva or Prezi to create something that is eye catching. You can prepare the best content in the world but if it’s hard to follow and looks clustered and dull it’s likely you will lose. Simply presenting paragraphs of text can be an indicator you have rushed your task and haven’t prepared properly as you haven’t thought about how it will be aesthetically pleasing.

Remember Personality and Tone

Bring some personality to your presentation, add in a why you should hire me? Or a bit about me side that’s light-hearted and ends on a warm tone.

Finally.... ask for feedback

Get someone else’s opinion on your presentation, for proofreading, content and ideas. Don’t underestimate your parents, wife, husband, kids advice. The likelihood is they have little or no background knowledge on your specialism and this will enable you to understand the parts that are maybe a bit to heavy and not opened enough. Also practicing in front of them will help build your confidence in saying it out loud, how long it takes and understand how it flows and works in a presentation setting.

We hope that these tips help you achieve top marks in your next interview presentation! 


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