In our Digital Marketing Recruitment Guide we've received submissions from some of the industry's leading digital thinkers, from those who've built their own digital teams from scratch to experienced digital recruiters, informing you on how best to begin recruiting for your business. Whether you're looking to build an in-house team or a digital agency, we hope that our guide can be useful along the way.

We have advice on why you should start using digital strategy, the best ways to get started and all you need to know about growing your agency or in-house team.

How to build a successful Digital Marketing Team

Need some help building your Digital Marketing Team? Unsure of what your next hire should be? Read our guide and find out all you need to know about growing your agency or in house team.

Colin Telford, Managing Partner at The Candidate explains why digital marketing recruitment is so important, whether it is in-house or agency side. 

The latest report from the National Institute of Social Research indicates that there are now more than 270,000 companies classed as 'digital' in the UK. The average company has 23 employees and these companies are growing faster than those that sit outside of the digital economy, a main factor of this growth is the on-going technological advances and changing economic circumstances within the sector. 

Put all that together and it's hardly surprising that building and maintaining a successful and effective digital team is as challenging as it is important.

The person specifications for roles within these organisations vary depending on the size of the company and the sector they operate in. According to eConsultancy, more and more SMEs in the last year have actually adapted their entire business model based on the digital marketing options available to them. With the right strategy, SMEs can compete against the larger, more traditional players in the market; however the quality of your digital team and the individuals' skills sets will determine whether their increasing digital investment will result in larger revenue and efficient ROIs.

Similarly with larger businesses, the investment in digital is increasing resulting in further requirements for skilled staff. Companies are starting to sit up and take notice of the digital changes that the market is experiencing for example, eConsultancy's Marketing Budget's 2022 Report showed that 60% of companies expected budgets to increase in the year. The need for high quality staff is apparent as, although this investment is planned, only 50% of companies had a 'good' or 'very good' understanding of the Return On Investment from their digital marketing activities.

How to recruit a Digital Marketing Team

Your business plan will ultimately dictate what the digital marketing objectives will be, whether it's an urgent Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy required of immediate investment in Pay-Per-Click (PPC), we can discuss this with you and define the type of marketer you need. Our background is entrenched in digital marketing and media, we have helped businesses of all sizes develop job specifications and briefs for their ideal marketing person. Whether you are agency side or client side, SME or multi-national, we're perfectly positioned to help.

So have a read through our Digital Marketing Recruitment Guide and gain some valuable insight from the digital industry's leading thinkers about the best ways to start your digital marketing strategy and the team you'll need behind you.