Forward Recruitment Planning & Brook's Law

What’s worse than being pushed into the wrong decision due to lack of careful planning and consideration? That’s right, absolutely nothing is worse. Absolutely nothing. And yet, there’s still a significant lack of appreciation for Brook’s Law, and even less knowledge of its wider implications to your team, projects and business.

Recruitment of talent into technology focused roles is a complex, and often lengthy, process. In the modern market, candidates have the control due to the sheer increase in demand for technology talent. As the typical business model has observed a considerable shift towards digital technologies, SaaS, API Integrations and more, Technology & IT functions have never been so important to create and maintain a competitive advantage over your competition. And as the old saying goes, you are only as good as your people.


Forward Planning

Due to the sheer demand for Tech & IT talent in the market, forward planning is required from a managerial level to ensure that businesses are able to attract the right talent into the business as the right time. Alongside this, you must understand your current team down to their motivations and aspirations. The worst scenario can be to hire a new team member to address a gap in the technical resource, and lose an existing member at the same time to set you back to the same situation as before (with additional overheads).


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