Any employee in an eCommerce Director job will usually have climbed the career ladder with an SME business and have landed in a larger and potentially more corporate environment. For this position to exist, the company will be of significant size and have responsibility for large budgets, revenue targets and teams of people to help drive customer acquisition.

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Usually, they will have around 10 years experience and have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the sector that they are currently working in.

eCommerce Directors are keen to maintain a high salary and be paid generously for moving roles. Bonuses for delivery are a must and if the opportunity for equity is in a discussion then that can be a big motivator for a move. Nearing the pinnacle of their career, it’s not unsurprising that eCommerce Directors are looking to secure their financial future from the substantial impact that they will be having on their employer’s business. They will have a very good knowledge of the companies who one day they could potentially work for and the potential timing of opportunities that arise.

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