Despite the Operations team within the Marketing department being a fairly new concept, the job of the Operations Manager is all-important and all-encompassing. Not only are you budgeting and adhering to strict marketing budgets, but you are also analysing current marketing performance, ensuring that the marketing team has everything that they need in order to function efficiently and effectively.

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The Manager will look at the department’s tools and software to research ways and methods of how they can be improved. They will work alongside the CEO, MD or other senior stakeholders and take into consideration the future aspirations and goals of the marketing team.  They will decipher what resource is needed in order to meet those goals.

Being astute and in-tune with the marketing department is how to progress in this role. Working with your budget to deliver outstanding processes and ensure that the team is happy, on or exceeding targets and using the best available software and technologies. Their success is directly linked to how effective your marketing strategies have been and therefore makes it an incredibly important role for any marketing department.

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