Marketing jobs in the travel sector can be some of the most exciting because they offer marketers both the opportunity to be creative whilst having the need to drive sales and achieve target acquisition numbers.

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In an extremely competitive environment, travel companies are looking for marketers who have a passion or strong understanding of the sector and to work for their companies that have a strong travel culture to it, that flows from the holiday reps through to the call centre staff giving advice on bookings and sales. It’s always a finely tuned organisation that works on tight margins and that needs to be very flexible as travel and holiday demand can change dramatically due to events outside of their control.

Good travel companies that offer marketing positions aren’t as plentiful as other sectors but can be very rewarding. Once a travel specialist, many marketers stay within the sector and retention of staff within travel organisations is strong. Reasons for moving roles within the travel sector include the desire to work for bigger brands, after working for smaller companies and wanting to work on larger budgets with more marketing channels to test and invest in. Team fit is also very important and many employees in travel are looking for the right cultural fit to progress their careers in.

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