PR has come a long way recently since digital marketing provided complementary opportunities from its channels including social media and search marketing and is creating many PR jobs in the marketing industry. Now, these channels have become core to digital PR strategies, where audiences are being built online that are interacting and engaging with client’s brands and products like never before.

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There is real creativity around Digital PR which makes it an exciting role, taking a brief from a client and turning that into an online campaign that integrates areas like research, opinions, promotions, events and where the results can be tracked and the value is proven to clients. This way, the commercial opportunities flourish as spending can be justified and in turn clients invest more in order to reap more rewards.

However, creativity and commercial knowledge aren’t the only elements for a successful digital PR person. Content creation, accuracy and grammatical focus will all ensure engagement with the target customer base whilst sociability, presentation skills and excellent communication abilities are all required to climb the career ladder in Digital PR.

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