The person in an Account Manager job will have successfully negotiated the journey through Account Assistant level and then Account Executive. There will have been a lot of learning experiences and all worth it for the promotion into this role.

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The fact is that you’re talented, have the ability to manage clients, analyse results, make recommendations and start to embrace other marketing channels to create a holistic approach to your marketing services. Working closely with and aspiring to an Account Director is a natural progression and ensuring that the career path exists to get there is one of the most important requirements for an Account Manager.

It’s inevitable that, for some, the role won’t be all it’s stacked up to be. Increased responsibility, less support and more demanding clients - just what you’d feared! A change is sometimes needed; whether in a more structured environment or one were the day to day is simply more enjoyable. A role in account management is demanding, the commercial success of an agency is partly linked to your performance and that can be felt. Sometimes sticking it out is the best solution, for others looking and making a change is essential. Chat to us or have a look at our roles and let us know if we can help.

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