The job of a Marketing Coordinator is an in-house role where the employee will be responsible for the management and delivery of the marketing campaigns. They will be aware of the overall sales target for the company and use marketing techniques to help deliver these sales. The activities will depend on the company and scope of their marketing activities but roles include working on social media campaigns, managing email lists, communicating with internal company stakeholders and being hands-on with optimisation marketing campaigns or managing 3rd party agencies to do this.

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As the person in this role likely began as a Marketing Assistant before progressing, it is like that they will want to develop their career by moving into a Marketing Manager role. The type of experience they have will depend on the marketing activity they have been managing and dictate what type of role they choose to move into and what sector they would like to specialise in. For example, Marketing Co-ordinators working in retail may go onto an eCommerce Marketing Manager role, focussing on digital marketing channels to develop their career. Other reasons to move job include salary, team, company culture and location.

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