How to Create a Perfect Portfolio

As creatives we all have something in common - we need a portfolio that really showcases our skills, talent, and creativity. But how can we make our portfolios stand out from the crowd?

I’ve seen my fair share of portfolios over the 7 years I’ve been doing Creative Recruitment. Some have been great, others…? Perhaps need some improvement!

It’s not just about the content that you present, but also the way you’re showcasing it. Do you want to create a website? Are you going for a PDF? Or maybe even going down the Instagram / Flickr route?

Whatever platform you choose, it must grab the attention of the viewer. I’ve compiled some tips and tricks to create that stellar portfolio, that will get you that dream job.

Katy Nagy - Creative Recruitment Manager


Show your versatility

Make sure you mix up your portfolio with a full range of your capabilities. This could include personal projects or experimental work that can help you grab viewer’s attention. If all the work in your portfolio appears too similar, clients might feel your creativity if limited. BUT REMEMBER – don’t include work that you feel isn't up to scratch. There’s a fine line between showing off your adaptability and putting in sub-par concepts.


Create an ‘About Me’ section

The first thing someone wants to see is you and your profile! They want to get to know you and your background. Clients aren’t just looking to hire your work, but you, the person who actually made it! By having a prominent ‘About Me’ section at the start of your portfolio, or website, you can draw viewers in. They might spend more time on your portfolio and review it more thoroughly.


Don’t forget about your contact details

So, they’ve reviewed your amazing work and now want to chat with you. But where’s your email or phone number? Make sure you have all your contact details in a place that makes sense and that’s easy to find. Most people want things made easy for them, especially if they have a lot of portfolios to look through, and if they can’t find something they'll give up pretty quickly! You can have your details in the ‘About Me’ section, or at the very beginning of your portfolio – anywhere where they can be found quickly.


And that’s it! Simple really!

If you need any extra advice on your portfolio, or fancy having a chat about new Creative roles, get in touch with our team today.


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